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hope estheim ([personal profile] eshtaime) wrote in [community profile] gran_pulse 2016-11-07 01:50 am (UTC)

Hope stood there in the chaos with her and raised his eyes to the sky before he replied.

"One month." He said without a single ounce of conviction on his tongue. The following question came with much insecurity on his part, but he would need to reply adequately to make it believable that he needed her for this. Hope's own heart wished a similar fate, but not at the expense of Light. He snapped his fingers and pointed from the direction he came from. "We must find a way to erase the chaos from the past, to correct the timeline and find a way to stop certain events from happening at all to slow the chaos down. I am able to go with you, he has presented me with powers to do so." Hope smiled genuinely at her, both of his arms outstretched this time.

"It has been a long time, could we travel as we did centuries ago?" Hope opened his arms, which was partially resisted by Bhunivelze's influence but Hope's will had overtaken that part of him. Hope wished to show her that he did her no harm and that he, especially of the others, had missed her in his own right.

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