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Claire "Lightning" Farron

Listening to the silver haired male tell her that they have one month, Lightning heaved a heavy sigh as her Aqua eyes focused her gaze on Hope at the moment. "Hope. Where are we supposed to go to do so?" She asked him, using an emotionless tone of voice. She then saw his gesture of him snapping his fingers as the rose haired female remained silent for the time being. She started to listen to the male explain that they must find a way to erase the chaos from the past to correct the timeline. This caused Lightning to be a bit confused at the moment. "Didn't Serah do this? Didn't Serah do that and it caused her to die?" She asked him, as she looked down at the ground for a brief moment. She wasn't quite sure how she can correct the timeline within a month. She then looked up at him when he mention that Bhunivelze had given him. The powers to go with her.

"So you have the powers to go through the timeline and correct it?" She asked him, as she heaved another sigh. "Yes.. It has been a long time since we've traveled. Many centuries ago, if I remember right." She responded to him, before noticing him opening his arms. She didn't know what to say to Hope's gesture at the moment. She wasn't quite sure how Hope, when he was younger, had felt about her. She had remembered giving him her knife during that time that Hope had his grudge against Snow for his motheer's death. She then remembered him giving her the knife back telling her that he didn't need it anymore. She had remembered it all.

"Hope.." Lightning said his name, before she took another step towards the silver haired male. "Hope.. Lead the way.. Take me to where you intended to take me. If this is to save Serah, then so be it. I know that she is gone, and that her death is my fault." She said to him, still using the same emotionless tone in her voice. She then held her hand out to him, her aqua eyes still gazing at Hope.

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