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Claire "Lightning" Farron

Being trapped in her crystal sleep, the rose haired female just sat still in the throne of Etro. She was sitting on the throne, with her right leg crossed over her left. The sword that was given to her by the goddess, Etro, she was holding. She had the handle in her right hand, while the end of the sword was resting on her left hand. This was how she was in her crystal stasis. Before she was fighting a dark warrior named Caius Ballad in Valhalla, though she had already admitted defeat. She had known about Serah's death; her younger sister that died. She died having the same curse that Yeul had; the curse of being a seeress. She was then gone into her crystal sleep for centuries. Five hundred years to be exact. Staying in crystal form, she just wasn't quite sure when she was going to get out of her crystal stasis. It was also a very long time since she's seen Hope and the others as well, knowing that she was dragged down to Valhalla after saving Cocoon from Orphan. That was when she was believed to be 'dead' or 'missing'; whichever comes first.

Remaining in the depths of Valhalla, she had known about Serah's death, in which she had blamed herself for. Not knowing that Hope was there, she continued to remain silent and in her crystal stasis, before she had heard the voice telling her that it was time to awake. As the crystal started to disappear, she then started to gaze her aqua eyes at the silver haired male, Hope Estheim. The crystal was breaking and dissipating at the moment, as she looked at him with an emotionless expression on her face at the moment. "Hope.." She said his name, It was true that the Rose haired female hasn't seen him in a very long time. At least not since after the battle of Orphan and against Sanctum in order to save Cocoon.

As she then started to stand up, she had heard the words 'savior,' though this made the Rose haired female confused. A savior? Who would want to make someone like Lightning a savior? "I don't understand, Hope. How am I a savior?" She asked the silver haired male, as she continued to focus her gaze on the male for the time being. She was now out of her crystal stasis, and now she had another task. She just needed to know exactly what it was. She didn't show any signs of emotions at all. At least not since Serah's death.

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