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Claire "Lightning" Farron

As the rose haired female had woken up from her crystal stasis after being turned to crystal for five centuries, she glanced her Aqua eyes around the area for a brief moment, as she then started to stand up from the throne of Etro. She then glanced her eyes towards the silver haired male, Hope Estheim. "Hope.. Is that you..?" She asked him, her tone of voice seeming emotionless at the moment. She then started to listen to the male explain to her that Bhunivelze had asked him to find her and tell her that she had to be the harbinger of souls. A savior. The female wasn't really expecting those kinds of words from Hope at all. She couldn't believe that it was him. The last time she had saw Hope was when he was fourteen and it was after the battle against Orphan. It was when they were all branded as pulse L'Cie.

Not showing any emotion not only in her tone of voice, but on her facial expression as well, Lightning had watched Hope take a few steps back, as she started to walk a couple of steps away from the throne of Etro. She heard him tell her that he knew that he could find her. This had caused the woman to wonder how Hope had found her in the vicinity of Valhalla. Heaving a quiet but heavy sigh, she continued to gaze her Aqua eyes at the silver haired male, knowing that she had a lot of questions to ask Hope. "You believe that I can save the souls of this world that are left?" She asked him. "Hope.." She said his name, then looked down at the ground for a brief moment, keeping her facial expression emotionless for the time being.

"Hope, how did you find me here? How did you get to Valhalla to find me? This place here is nothing but chaos.." Lightning commented, as another heavy sigh started to escape the rose haired female's lips. As she listened to him explain that Bhunivelze had found him after falling in the sea of Chaos, she simply nodded to him. "Bhunivelze.. I'm not sure if should trust him or not.." She responded to Hope, as she then listened to him tell her that all of the Fal'Cie are dead except for one that's barely keeping some of humanity in Nova Chrysalia alive. She had wondered if there were any L'Cie left in Nova Chrysalia.

As she then heard him tell her that he was happy to see her again, she just couldn't smile at all. It was as if Serah's death had left a huge hole in Lightning's heart. She felt as if it was her fault that her younger sister had died. Heaving a heavy sigh, she nodded to Hope, as she saw the smile on his face. She even saw him placing a hand on his heart, though she didn't quite know how to react to the silver haired male's gesture. "Hope.. It's good to see you too.. Tell me though.. Why should I trust Bhunivelze?" She asked him.

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