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hope estheim ([personal profile] eshtaime) wrote in [community profile] gran_pulse 2016-10-02 03:23 am (UTC)

Hope had such difficulties keeping true to himself before he could feel the inner core of his own being shut off. The part of him that wanted to make sure that Lightning was alright, to talk to her about Serah and to help her in anyway he could was standing there but his mouth and mind were no longer his own. Instead, a shell of a man stood before her with Hope's face, his expressions and voice that was too believable to be true.

He could not soften his expression and make an attempt to comfort her like he had done for him when he felt a hole in his own heart. "Light, the chaos is going to make everyone disappear and all the souls will never be reborn. Etro is dead. Once that happens, there is no more Serah, no more Snow and no more me. It is not so much the fact that I trust him, but there is nowhere for the souls to go and he wishes to create a new world for humanity. A fresh start with a clean plate where Chaos cannot destroy it." Hope moved his hand from his heart and placed it into his silvery hair, smoothed some of it back and waited eagerly for her reply.

"I want to know that there would still be a place where we could meet again, even if it is not Pulse, Cocoon or Nova." Hope raised his eyes, searched around the darkness in the chaos and moved his hand into it with concern. "The chaos has spread since the Death of Caius."

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