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Claire "Lightning" Farron

Oblivious to Hope being used as a puppet by Bhunivelze, she looked at him for a brief moment, heaving a soft sigh. Her facial expression seemed emotionless at the moment due to the hole in her heart from Serah's death. She had listened to the silver haired male tell her that the chaos is going to make all the souls disappear and never to be reborn. She then heard him mention that Etro is dead and that everyone will be dead, including her, the deceased Serah, and Snow who is possibly going through a deep depression since Serah's death. She then listened to him mention that the God, Bhunivelze, is going to create a new world for humanity where the Chaos cannot destroy it.

"Hope.. How long will it be before Bhunivelze starts to create the world for humanity?" The rose haired female asked the other male, before hearing his comment about how the chaos had spread since the death of Caius Ballad, her former nemesis. Heaving a heavy sigh, Lightning just simply nodded to him. "A new world for humanity.." She said to him, though what she what she wasn't sure about was that she could go into the forbidden timeline. She didn't know about her savior powers either. She also didn't know that Etro will need to be revived. She glanced down at the ground with her aqua eyes, as she thought to herself. Hope seemed to have grown since I last saw him.. But if what he's saying is true.. Then.. I have no choice but to believe him. She thought to herself.

"I need to know more about Bhunivelze's plan to create a new world. Tell me, Hope. What is it that I have to do?" Lightning asked him, her eyes looking emotionless at the moment. She took one more step towards him, as a heavy sigh started to escape the rose haired female's lips. She needed answers, in order to accept what seemed to be her true fate. She wanted to see Serah again. To see her younger sister smile. Glancing her aqua eyes back at the silver haired male, another sigh started to escape her lips, as she waited for his answer.

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