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xmadnessloverx ([personal profile] xmadnessloverx) wrote in [community profile] gran_pulse 2016-11-12 10:10 pm (UTC)

Caius Ballad

After noticing the older male's twin blades crossing underneath his own large blade, it was obvious that both of their blades; Caius and Nero's blades; against each other. The amethyst haired male had started to feel the other male's short swords cross underneath his large sword. Noticing the full swing as soon as both males were apart, Caius started to attempt to pull back from the other male's swords, as if attempting to avoid being nearly decapitated. If the swords were to hit him, it would have left a cut on the side of his neck.

Noticing the other male doing a spin, his sword felt as if it was being blocked off from the attack he had done earlier. He attempted to back away, as if attempting to dodge the attack, though a little cut from the other male's sword on his biceps. He then attempted to push his shoulder against the other male's abdomen, and made an attempt to push the other male on the ground. Caius wasn't about to give up on the battle to become Yeul's next guardian. The amethyst haired male didn't really know much about wanting to die. He was just about ready to kill the other male.

Keeping an emotionless and serious look on his face at the moment, he started to pull his arm back at the moment, though seeing the other male on the ground at the moment. He then started to run towards the other male, pulling his arm back that was holding the large sword, before then starting to swing towards the other male. If it missed, then Caius would have taken a knee down to the ground, though he would attempt to stand up, as if he was one of those people that wouldn't back down from a fight. If it were to hit, then Caius would swing towards the other male, attempting to slash at his chest.

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