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farseerer ([personal profile] farseerer) wrote in [community profile] gran_pulse 2016-11-23 02:26 am (UTC)

Nero had always been a little suicidal in his old age as he did not despise his role, but he needed to be killed in order for someone to take his place. The battle was to defeat opponents unworthy to Yeul's side and to allow Paddra to see the worthiness of the upstart. In the moment that Caius missed his first swipe, the second swing came across his broad chest and opened it up completely. He had been cleaved, not in two, but horizontal across his chest and it had been such a deep wound that he had to take several paces back from Caius in order to get his bearings.

In that moment, his eyes shifted to Yeul and his muttered something inaudible for her. The two were so close that she would already know the words even without sound escaping them. Yeul placed her hands over her face, covered her mouth and nose as she tried to resist the urge of emotions coming from her. She was not allowed to intervene and to merely watch this display was devastating to her in every capacity.

Nero, after a moment, gained his balance and took several paces back. Again, he did not move to strike first. Nero would continue to allow Caius to approach him, he stood there with a ragged breath and excessively bleeding.

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