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Caius Ballad

Not knowing that Nero was a little suicidal in his old age, Caius knew that he had to kill him in order to take his place as the guardian of the seeress. The amethyst haired male had been trained for this very moment, as he knew that being a guardian meant that he had to defeat unworthy opponents to Yeul's side and to allow Paddra to see the worthiness of the upstart. Knowing that the amethyst haired male had missed his first swipe, he had made his second swing towards the older male's broad chest, which had opened up completely, knowing that he had a slice on his chest. It was definitely a deep wound. Caius needed to kill Nero. He just had to. Even if it killed himself as well.

As Caius, kept his amethyst eyes focused on the older male, Nero, he had started to approach him, with an emotionless look on his face at the moment. He heaved a breath of slight exhaustion, though he wasn't going to back down at all. He saw him gaining his balance and taking several paces back. He had also noticed that he was breathing raggedly and that he was bleeding excessively. He had held his arm back, that was holding his sword, knowing that he was about to make the final blow.

"Any last words, Nero?" Caius asked him, as if getting ready to stab the older male in the chest; well at least attempt to. If he were to successfully stab the older male in the chest where the bleeding wound was, then he would have successfully killed him, and that the battle of the guardians had ended. If he ended up missing, then he would be on his knee, as the sword would stab into the ground, causing the amethyst haired male to heave some sighs before then attempting to get back up and glanced over towards the other male.

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