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Yeul was not too far away with her eyes set on Nero who had a definitive, fatal blow to his chest that exposed his chest, even the muscles and down to the bone. Only immediate medical attention would save him now and Yeul knew this from her own visions prior to the result of his oncoming departure. Her eyes fixated on Nero only, never Caius who strongly fought against the partially suicidal Nero. The small maiden attempted to remain impartial, emotionless epitaph of Paddra that all looked to for strength, even more so than the guardian that stood by her side.

Nero's own balance wavered back and forth as he could only breath heavily, but Caius' motion for last words made him turned towards the simple youth and wordlessly mouth the meaningful I love you for her eyes alone. Nero turned his face towards Caius and before he knew it, the sword was successfully rushed right through him and he was completely dead the moment he was impaled. Nero's form fell limp against the ground, and that was the end of his life. Yeul, on the other hand, could not withhold her emotions and she suddenly softened before the small woman rushed to Nero's fallen body and she could only lift his head as the rest of him was too heavy.

Yeul was merely eighteen and barely experienced death of any type, but she now lost the only pillar in her life. Unable to hold back her tears, she cradled his head even with the blood that soaked his clothing and her own. The scene alone was difficult for others to see, but none of them had the attachments that Yeul did and as she set there her right hand untied a simple necklace he wore and held it in her hand. Due to the vulnerable scene of Yeul's unbound strings, it did not take long for clergy men to arrive and begin to regulate the crowd.

"Queen Yeul, please come with me, you have no need to hold onto the body of a fallen guardian." One said to her, as if to push her from her mourning process.

Yeul chose not to respond, she could not even look at Caius -- who bested him.

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