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Yeul remained as she was in her tight embrace that seemed to almost choke Nero to death, she shut her eyes as she saw the violet-haired youth coming from the crowd in front of her. The fear of the other guardian had increased the deterioration of her mood as she knew that this day, this moment, would be the last that she spent with him. Nero, on the other hand, did not see Caius as he chose to comfort the seeress in the city of Paddra near one of the places where one could buy delicious meals. His large hand rested against the small of her back and embraced her as tightly as her could, he hoped that he did not crush her.

"Yeul, why are you so fretful today? I have never seen you act so strangely." He said as a voice called from behind him. It was in that moment that Nero knew the anxiety that his Seeress felt inside of her that drove her to such affections in a public place such as this where she could be compromised. Nero sighed as he slowly pulled her away from him and stood up to a height that nearly matched Caius' six-foot-seven frame and half-turned to face him with part of his body that shielded Yeul from being viewed.

"My Seeress, the day has come, hasn't it? Do not be sad for me, fighting in y our honor is what I have lived all my life for." Nero grinned as sheepish as possible as he pulled out his thinner swords so that he held two instead of one. Nero's sort of battle stance revolved around heavy offense and evasive maneuvers. The old man with the jet-black hair tilted his head towards Caius.

"I am ready, be prepared to fight for your life." Nero placed his forearm against his chest and nodded towards Caius as a respectful battle partner before he turned to Yeul. "Do not interrupt us, Yeul." Nero was not the type to give stern warnings, but this time was different as her interference could do her some harm out of her own wobbly emotions.

Yeul simply nodded, unable to make eye-contact with the opponent and stared as hard as she could at Nero. She mouthed the words that affirmed her feelings of love for him in a way that he would see it from her. Nero nodded, acknowledging that he perhaps always knew or perhaps that he also felt the same way. He made his last motion as her guardian by a small kiss to her bare forehead and walked away from her, for her own safety. Nero pulled his hand up and motioned for Caius to follow him to the widest part of the square, where he could easily clear out people.

"Everyone move, lest you which to be murdered in the Battle of the Guardians." His voice boomed when he released it, many people took a side step and even backed further away. It was seen as forbidden to get involved in a battle that involved the Guardian as each battle was likely destined and to deter from that would be most unfortunate and likely deadly. Nero did not need a serious expression, only a determined one as he took several paces and kept his nearly perfect form.

"At your leisure, Caius of the Outlands."

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