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Caius Ballad

Approaching the older Raven haired male, he seemed to stand at over six feet tall. Then again, the amethyst haired male was pretty tall for his age. He did seem to look like he was between twenty-five and twenty-eight. He had already told Nero that he was ready to fight and surpass him. Watching the other male motion for him to follow him, Caius then started to follow him, remaining silent and the expression on his face remaining emotionless. He was headed to the widest part of the square; possibly the middle of the ancient city of Paddra.

About to enter a battle, the amethyst haired male currently had an emotionless look on his face at the moment. Heaving a heavy sigh, he had just drawn his sword, his amethyst eyes gazing at the older male; the current guardian of the seeress. Holding onto the handle of his sword in his right hand, he then started to aim his sword towards Nero. Knowing that this was a fight to the death, his own life didn't matter to him at all. At least not to Caius. He also wasn't going to let Yeul get in the path of the battle along with the other farseers that could be watching the two of them. He didn't even smile one bit. Not even a smirk had appeared on his lips either. He did have a bit of determination in his eyes. He was more than ready to fight against the other male.

As he watched the rest of the farseers move away from the path of the battle against guardians, he was more than ready to kill him. That was the law of the guardians. There could only be one true guardian, and for Caius to succeed Nero, he had to kill him. It has been that way for a long time now. Ever since the ancient times that is. He is pretty young though; Caius that is. He had known all along that he was also risking his life to become the next guardian of the seeress, so it was pretty much a possible chance that Caius could end up being killed as well. He didn't particularly care though, in all honesty. He just wanted to prove himself as useful, so he had been training for a while to become a guardian, and to surpass the older male; who was the current guardian of the seeress. As soon as he was ready, he then started to make the first strike.

The amethyst haired male started to swing his weapon at the other male. He had only used one sword though, which seemed to have been bigger than the dual thinner swords that the other male is holding. It was as if Caius was more used to holding just one sword in his hand; a slightly heavy one that is. He didn't smirk or smile at all, as he started to attempt to swing his sword at the other male, keeping his emotionless expression on his face. Deep inside though, he was very serious about this battle; the battle of the guardians.

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