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There neared almost fifty years between the two, and Nero had already known that Caius would either be stronger or quicker, whichever one he would be then Nero would need to be the opposite. Nero watched Caius moved his weapon around and knew right away that his biggest strength was his personal strength, and to defeat the youth that wanted to prove himself -- Nero would need his speed. Nero kept his arms at chest height and stood still as he awaited the first attack, after all his own predecessor had done the same for him.

Nero had nearly fifty years battle-ready experience and it would be unfair to take the first swing. As he swung his blade across, Nero crossed his blade along the top of Caius' to keep the sword from thrusting into him. Nero spun with this move to get behind Caius and attempt to use the back of his swords and shove Caius forward to watch him, hopefully, lose his footing. If he had, Nero would take no time to use the momentum to try to strike him in the side. Although, if he had not lost his footing and remained stable after the hard shove, Nero would take a few quick paces back.

Inky black strands fell into Nero's face, not shielding his face or covering it but just getting loose from the movements. Caius should be so lucky that it was considered forbidden to use powers of the L'cie to take the possible successors.

Yeul on the other hand did not enjoy this battle, she kept from the fight as she heard the swords cross and her disposition had furthered into disdain. Her heart pounded as feverishly as it could in her chest from the on-coming fear that would take Nero from her, especially after she just affirmed her feelings for him as distant as she possibly could. The silver-haired maiden pressed her hands against her cheeks, then slowly covered her eyes and remembered that she was in the public eye.

To show weakness is to allow them to know fear.

Yeul revealed her face to not only Caius but to Nero as well. She would now watch as emotionally disconnected as she could.

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