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Caius Ballad

Despite the large age gap between him and Nero, Caius had known that he was much quicker than the older male was. It was almost a fifty year age gap between the two, though that didn't really stop the amethyst haired male from backing down now. It didn't really matter to him how much experience Nero had have when it came to battling. Right now, Caius should be considered lucky that Nero was forbidden to use his L'Cie powers to take on the possible successors. I will defeat you, Nero. The male thought to himself, as he then started to run towards him and swings his sword at the male.

The first strike had been made. If it were to be blocked, Caius would then attempt to clash at the other male's swords. If it were to make a hit, then Caius would stop in his foot steps, and attempt to strike once more. It the attack were to be dodged, then the edge of the sword would hit the ground, causing the amethyst haired male to lift the sword off of the ground. Glancing at the older male, he took a deep breath, though it was more of a heavy breath. It was true though. Caius did seem to be much quicker than the other male, despite their long age gap. Not looking at Yeul at the moment, he started to attempt to slash at the other male again.

Caius had known that the battle of the guardians was no easy task at all, though he was risking his life to do so. Heaving a heavy sigh, he was trying to breathe, though he felt as if this wasn't the time to be resting right in the middle of the battle. If he were to do so, then it would fully break his concentration; and possibly get himself killed. Aiming his sword towards the other male's neck, he gazed at him with his amethyst eyes though it was more of a glare.

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