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Re: Caius Ballad

Nero stared at Caius as the blade came down onto him, Nero used his to bring his two smaller blades out and cross them underneath Caius' two-handed sword. The sheer weight of it would mean that he would need to move out of the way, so he pulled his crossed-short swords down to the hilt and swung it away from him. For Nero to win against the youth, he would definitely need to use less energy than Caius would use as Caius' would tend to likely go longer than his own. Now that they were apart, he pulled his swords down and made motion for Caius to come at him again and he did so with a full swing that nearly decapitated him.

Using short swords meant that he could use his body as well as weapons for fighting, unlike carrying a single heavy sword. Nero did a spin, his swords moving with him and made an attempt to ward off the first attack by attempting to slice the inside of his bicep. If he missed, a large shoulder tackle his his abdomen was made to shove him onto the ground. Something appeared to be strange as Nero did not chase after him to kill him, instead kept allowing him to come at him even though he appeared to be out-matched. Nero, did not say it, but he was ready to die and he wanted Caius to land an accurate single blow. Yes, he was going to give him the honor of guardianship but not without the work to do so.

If anything, this appeared to be more of a test to concern whether or not Caius would be ready to handle foes with much more battle experience. That's what this dance was all about.

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