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the lullaby of paddra-lo nero

Who: Yeul, Nero & Caius Ballad
When: BF 609-600 or so.
Where: The Metropolis of Paddra, inside of the Castle building.
Summary: Yeul meets Caius for the first time, Nero dies and they are left with a lot of rituals and new issues.

The effortless sound coming from the crowd below the balcony of the castle of Paddra was all she wished to hear. On this day, she refused counsel of those of the Order that would try to have her handle other ordeals. Today was the day that she would be ripped away from her beloved guardian; Nero. She knew in his advanced age that it was only a matter of time, the new guardianship belonging to the violet-haired man would come upon Pulse today.

She knew that this new ownership meant many things would happen today, so she needed to be ready for it. Yeul shifted in her chair that hid her partially from the outsiders that hoped the see the Seeress at her perch several stories from the square. The silver-haired maiden heard a loud knocking at the door to her bedroom and she perked her ears a little; it was definitely Nero. Pressing her hands against the sides of the chair, she pushed herself up, smoothed her hair down and walked to the door. The golden handle was pulled down with a subtle ‘click’ and she opened it enough just to see who it was.

Of course, it was Nero.

She held herself exceptionally well considering what she knew, it took someone with incredible observation skills to see her subtle emotions. Yeul would have to be on her guard today, especially within the next few hours as they were the last in Nero’s long life. The man was incredibly special to her, he did not just cover the boundaries of fatherly love, but it included a type of love that only she could expect to feel for someone she would lose. Like most days, she greeted him with her slightest of smiles and the gentlest of curvatures of her eyebrows but today was different. Yeul greeted him with her arms wrapped around his firm waist, tightening a very little as if he would just disappear from existence in the wind.

Nero, shocked by Yeul’s behaviour, sought to comfort whatever ailed her with a large and gentle pat on the head. “Little Queen, did you miss me so? You know my quarters whereabouts and to disturb me even if I am asleep, yes?” Nero spoke plainly, a nostalgic smile placed on his tan visage. Nero was Paddra’s Hero, the Guardian of the Jewel to the Farseers and looked every bit the part -- although his disposition has regressed due to his age. The man stood six foot five, a solid two-hundred and six pounds of muscle with mid-length onyx hair that took no shine from the sun and sun-kissed skin from many days sought. Now that he was nearing the age of sixty-five, he was skin well-creased on his face from many expressions over the years but Yeul knew that he must have lived a enjoyed life to have as many as he had.

“Yes, I do know the location but I wish only for your companionship on this day of days. I suppose, I did wish to have a conversation about a time before myself.” Yeul said as she released his waist, took his hand and lead to him to the balcony where the two could be seen together overlooking the square. Yeul was happy that this moment was allowed to happen, even more so that she could speak with him before his passing.
“Ah, Yeul. My old heart has always been open to you and any question will be fully answered, if I know it.” Nero said. Yeul tilted her head in his direction, squinting one eye due to the direct sunlight hitting her face. “Do you ever wish that you could have had a family of your own? Do you wish that you had someone who could love you as I cannot?” Yeul said something that could be construed as cruel in words but she did not have the ability of wordly kindness sometimes. Nero could only shake his head of inky-soaked hair and shrug with heavy shoulders.

“Yeul, I was very young when I become guardian and I loved the first Yeul I guarded. I cannot express the feelings of a man who must watch several of the loves he had die. They were all Yeul, like you, but then they were not all you, do you understand? My Yeul was not easily found, her visions came very late and many of people in her original tribe were frightened of her. Taking her away from those people was like rescuing the princess from those books you read. I had fifteen years with her, even though I was only thirteen myself when I became guardian. I believe that I only beat Hawke because I was so young and he was much older than I am now.” He laughed to himself. Yeul never knew Hawke but she knew of him from memories of previous Yeuls and the diaries they often kept.

“I am sorry, I wish I could have released you to keep you from that torment.” Yeul’s guilt was displayed on her face this time, it was her only emotion that she generally emoted at all. Yeul laced her fingers with Nero and looked down to see if the violet-haired youth was anywhere in the crowd but she saw nothing. Nero furrowed his brow, seemingly suspicious about Yeul’s actions as she often acted this way when she had a unpleasant vision.

“Yeul, do not fret yourself about the life of a man who chose his position. I might have only loved one Yeul but I cared for three others, excluding you. In the days of prosperity and longevity, I am happy to still have this privilege even now. Are you worrying about what happens when I can no longer protect you?” Nero said the hard words that both of them did not want to say out loud. Yeul no longer could face him, she could no longer say anything due to how she felt about knowing his demise. Nero hated the distance that she often projected when she was upset, so he bent down on one knee and moved her face in his direction.

“Yeul, there will be a successor and that person will be different but he or she will take my place eventually. Do not be so sad about it, I have been ready for a successor for many years now.” Nero said plainly. Yeul was easily upset by emotional words and he sought to use very simple ones to keep her mood from deteriorating throughout the day. “Now, let us go do something else as the day is still young!” He grinned, even boyishly for an old man. Yeul did not reply directly, she only leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tightly to truly remember this moment.
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Caius Ballad

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Remaining silent, and having a cold look on his face at the moment, the purple haired male glanced his purple eyes around Paddra for a brief moment. This was during the ancient times, of course. He had looked like he could be in his mid-twenties to early thirties. Then again, did age matter to the L'Cie male? He had seen the seeress before, knowing that the seeress of Paddra was the most important person. He had also known that the rules of becoming a guardian, was to kill the guardian before him. He was only known as Caius at this moment. He currently had an emotionless look on his face as well, knowing that this male wasn't the type of person to show any emotions at all. He wasn't quite sure at all, how he felt at the moment, then again, he didn't really quite care. Heaving out a heavy sigh, he started to glance his purple eyes over at another male, who seemed to be older. Nero.

He had trained with the older male before, though he felt as if he was ready to fight against him. However, he wondered if he was strong enough to kill the other male. That was, indeed, the rules of becoming a guardian of the seeress, Yeul. He then started to walk down the streets of the ancient city, Paddra, remaining silent for the time being. Caius honestly wasn't much of a talker, though he didn't think that words had mattered at this moment. Glancing his purple eyes at the two; Nero and Yeul; he started to walk towards him. With every step that the purple haired male had taken, he had gotten a bit more closer to them in distance.

'I will defeat Nero if it is the last thing I do.' Caius thought to himself, keeping the cold and emotionless expression on his face. As he had gotten closer to Nero and Yeul, he then stopped in his footsteps, as he started to draw his sword from its sheath. He was ready to fight him, though he had to speak to the older male in order to let him know that he was ready. Without any hesitation, he glanced his purple eyes at the other male once again. "Nero.." He spoke to the older male, having an emotionless tone in his voice. "Are you ready? I am once again ready to fight you." He said to him, having a slight smirk form among his lips for a brief moment before the smirk had started to fade. He didn't quite know what the other male's answer was going to be, though he remained silent for the time being; after he had spoken to the other male.

Glancing his purple eyes at Yeul, he still remained silent, though he had known that she was ess, and possibly the leader of the farseers. He, too, was also a warrior. Not only that, but he also was with the tribe of the farseers. Having his weapon in his hand, his purple eyes gazed back at the older male, knowing that he was going to risk his life fighting against Nero. In all of honesty, it didn't matter to Caius what would happen to himself. He then lifted his arm that was holding the sword, and aimed his sword at the older male. "Nero, are you ready?" He asked the older male, then started to go silent once again.
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