failnaught: (happy!)
serah farron ([personal profile] failnaught) wrote in [community profile] gran_pulse 2012-02-27 07:11 am (UTC)

Sarah wanted to make sure that she was not the fake Lightning this time around and it wasn't a dream world. A bright smile swept across her face like a smooth Pulse breeze, she couldn't help but be elated that she was able to get her one family member back. The only person missing was Snow, she wished she knew where he was at.

"I'm so deeply happy to see you but I wonder how is this possible? Caius told us what happened to you and I had that vision but I never saw you again." She looked over to where there should have been ships in the Sky but there were none, just gloom above them but certainly not a black sky.

It was very similar to Valhalla.

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