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Who: Serah & Lightning
Where: Academia, during the event.
When: Early evening. possibly.
Why: Lightning wants to find her sister!

Serah decided to wait by the largest building which was right where the Academy was located, she had seen a shadow there of some sort and investigated but saw nothing there. Something seemed incredibly wrong about this situation, it was cloudy, no bright sun and no bright blue sky.

She was actually more bothered by the idea that they might be in the Void Beyond but a version of Academia that was there. It didn't seem broken but empty if anything, but she hadn't started looking around yet. The pink-haired girl followed to the front of the Academy, she set down and leaned against the door with her head tilted up. Each moment was longer than the last, she knew well enough that she should have died but something happened that didn't set well with her.

She remembered Noel holding onto her body, she remembered his scream but she couldn't respond until this moment.


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The entire situation was enough to frustrate her. She had woken up, perched so precariously on the throne she knew so well..but it wasn't Valhalla. She knew it as the Void Beyond. She had stumbled her way through the ruined void, dizzy and disorientated until she found what she was looking for.

Her exit.

As she stepped out onto the streets of Academia it took her a moment for it to really sink in, it was just as dark as The Void. Lightning set her jaw and walked forward, locate Serah first. Worry about everything else later. As she quickened her pace with that goal in mind, eyes scanning the ghostly streets she couldn't help but wonder how many people had exactly been pulled to, this world? What had happened after she had done what she did?

Was this a consequence, or was she really just dreaming? She sighed and shook her head. There too many questions whose answers evaded her. Rounding a corner she caught sight of her sister, thoughts put on halt she jogged across the long bridge towards the younger woman.