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Hope was not the small youth that she remembered; tall, longer hair, fully-fledged man was now what was left of Hope's former self. He placed his hands on his hips, his head tilted to one side with an extremely serious look on his face as he felt a twinge on betrayal stabbed into his chest when he knew what would come next, the words were not his own. "Bhunivelze came to me and had me seek you out in the Chaos under his protection to find someone that could be a harbinger of souls. I believe that could be you, Light." Hope spoke plainly, even flatly in a way that did not convey any emotion in his words. After all, it seemed strange that he would seem so distance when he found Light -- especially after the connection they shared.

"We can save the ones that are left, not without your help though." Hope took a few steps back and raised his hand and made a motion with his fingers for her to come off the crystalline throne she had slumbered upon. "I knew I could find you." He stated with the utmost sincerity, as much as he could muster.

"He found me when I fell into the sea of Chaos and offered to help me, to save my soul, in exchange for me to search for you. I have been looking for your for nearly one hundred years, Light. All of the Fal'Cie are dead with exception of one that keep some of humanity alive, but just barely." Hope tightened his fist to make emphasis on the direness of the situation. Unfortunately, Hope had a difficult time control his real emotions and suddenly broke the stiffened facade.

"I'm so happy to see you again, I knew you were still alive. I could feel it, I just had to keep looking." Hope nodded up towards her, placed his hand on his heart and genuinely smiled.

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